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Marek Robak


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25 - lecie Katolickiego Liceum

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Polish - French exchange – November 2017

The moments we spent in France thanks to Erasmus + programme  are the most precious memories to us. We could stay at our hosts’ houses and therefore had a unique opportunity to appreciate their real everyday routines, meet their culture and customs. Not only could  we observe the   lessons  in the French school but also  actively  take part in them. We learnt a lot about the French educational system which is very different from ours.




We had an opportunity to compare these two systems and point out positive and negative aspects of each of them. Apart from that, along with the Spanish students, we prepared a project, which was a summary of our visit. Our mutual work  was then presented by us to all the other  students in the school on the last day of our stay. It was the Day of Europe on which we talked about our countries, traditions and customs. We watched films made by students from different partner schools.


There were numerous presentations and exhibitions of posters. Obviously we also found some time to visit Lyon and go sightseeing.  It was done in a form of a competition. Using phone application we were supposed to find and take a photo of famous places in Lyon.  We also enjoyed other entertaining  activities like laser games and dinners out with our French friends. 


What is more, we made new foreign friends for life and also substantially improved our English.

Natalia, Kasia, Franek

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